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Meet Felecia Dixson, EA, CTRC, ATA

Felecia G Dixson, EA, CTRC, ATA, Enrolled Agent, Certified Tax Representation Consultant, Accredited Tax Advisor, Licensed to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Senior Tax Preparer, Certified Tax Representation Consultant, IRS and State Tax Debt Resolution Representation Specialist, Business Advisor and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Software Trainer

It’s not often you meet someone who has danced at opening ceremonies for Disney, been handed a contract from Sony to sing in Nashville, engineered fireworks displays for an entire city and told fish tales they can back up with photos all while lining up awards as an accountant. But for Felecia Dixson, math was one of many passions she pursued with all her heart.

Felecia first fell in love with math as a junior in high school. A tomboy at heart, she loves to take things apart and see how they go back together, so math and its problem-solving possibilities were a natural fit. “Math is amazing because it rules the world,” she explains. “We use algebra principles every day, having to know X and figure out Y to get to Z.”

Her passion has led her to serve as an officer or chairperson on committees from improving the IRS to taxpayer advocacy. She also serves as Treasurer for her local Board of the Veterans Park Association Committee. To no surprise, Felecia has also been named a TaxBuzz Top 100 Professional.

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