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Felecia G Dixson, EA, CTRC, ATA (Dixson & Associates LLC) can help your small businesses to set-up and manage your bookkeeping and office software and systems. If you are like most small business owners, you and your team members are probably already overwhelmed with all of the tasks needed to keep your customers happy and keep your business running. You may also not be very tech-savvy and sometimes spend many wasted hours trying to set up systems and software, only to find that they still don't work.

Some business owners like you may even give up and go back to the "old way" of doing things or hire expensive technology consultants, many of whom do not really "speak your language" or understand your businesses.

You do not need to give up or be discouraged! We have helped many businesses and even other accounting and tax firms to install, configure and set up software packages and business process systems.

We are certified and experienced in many bookkeeping and office systems including Microsoft and more...

We will work with you to understand your current software and processes, assess your needs & preferences and learn more about how your business wants to use the systems and how they will be used.

Then, we can set up a plan to get the systems in place, optimized them for your business, train you and/or your staff and make sure things are up and running to help your business! Even if you already have systems in place and just want to get more, Felecia G Dixson, EA, CTRC, ATA (Dixson & Associates LLC) can help strategize with you to get the most from what you already have.

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